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On Thursday February 22, 1996 a collection of American Comics was stolen from my former home at the Van Musschenbroekstraat in The Hague (The Netherlands). This was done by means of burglary which was officially reported at the police station. Despite the facts on which the police stated that it was quite likely who the burglar was, the incident was never followed up by the police. This unfortunate event is already 23 years ago and the chance of finding anything back from this collection is obviously very small.

The collection contained an acceptable amount of numbered and limited releases. This makes the collection unique. On this website many items from this collection are listed. The added photos are not from the actually stolen items since I did not own a camera or scanner in those days. These are only added as an impression. With this website collectors and sellers of American Comics can determine if they own or get offers for specific items from this collection. It is absolutely not my intention to ask any of the items back. It has been too long ago and I feel this is not fair to the current owner. My interest is to find out how specific items got into the possession of the current owner. In case you know something please contact me.

Below you see the book which was used to carefully administer the collection back in the nineties. It is also used as a source for this website.

The Black Book The Black Book

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