WildStorms: The Expandable Super-Hero CCG
Uitgegeven in oktober 1995

Deze set was inclusief de onderstaande Game Cards:

Limited Black Border Edition Gold Cards

3x Battalion Reborn2x Big Dozer2x Black Angel
4x Dane Unleashed!2x Despot4x Gnome with Orb
5x Madman3x The Maxx2x Midnight Devil
3x P.I.T.T.3x Possessed Voodoo2x Shi
3x Spawn3x Tapestry3x Ultimate Zealot
2x Upgraded Spartan  

Rare Battle-site Cards

5x Behemoth4x Buried Starship5x Chernobyl
5x Dras' Adin(V.N.C.)4x Halo Enterprises5x I.O. Command
2x Purgatory Max3x Skywatch5x Vampire Enclave
5x Wildlife Organized  

Rare Character Cards

3x Andromache5x Armand Waering4x Backlash
5x Battalion5x Ben Santini2x Bloodqueen
3x Cybernary3x Dane5x Deathblow
5x Defile3x Destine5x Emp
3x Fairchild5x Gnome4x Grail
5x Grifter3x Helspont5x Hightower
4x Lynch3x Miles Craven5x Mindscape
5x Mnemo2x Mother One5x Prince Drakken
5x Providence5x Red5x Spartan
5x Threshold3x Void5x Winter
5x Zealot  

Rare Combat Cards

3x Caught in the Crosshairs4x All or Nothing6x Careful Aim
5x Charging Slam4x Karate Kick6x Knock-out Kick
5x Overbearing5x Shred Armor7x Shroud of Gloom
5x Super-Possession3x Bulls Eye6x Combat Medic
11x Hangfire6x Mental Wall7x Tactical Retreat
6x Total Cover2x Hide! 

Rare Equipment Cards

4x Flame-Thrower4x Fusion-Detonator4x Heap-Ammo
4x Hi-Vel Ammo6x Jetpack8x Man-Portable Gatling
6x Mirv10x Personal Defense System7x Powered Armor (MAD-1)
4x Teleportation Device4x Vad Hypercannon4x Vad PP30S
2x Personal Forcefield3x Jumpjet 

Rare Plot-twist Cards

6x Achilles' Heel4x A Doctor in the House6x Call in a Favour
5x Call in the Cavalry!8x Clean Getaway9x Cyber-Resurrection
5x Determination5x Dramatic Pose6x Electromagnetic Pulse
9x Emergency First Aid4x Emergency Repair6x Escape Plan
7x Gen-Factor8x Government Investigation4x Higher Powers at Work
5x Med-Evac5x Mysterious Disappearance6x Night Tribes Intervention
6x Old Rivalry Resurfaces4x Psi-Op Tracking5x Recharge
8x Sabotage8x Scanning the Time-lines6x Smoke and Mirrors
7x Strength of Will7x Supercharge6x Tapestry Re-Draws Time-line
4x Teleport Boost5x The Rush6x Void Intervenes
2x Hard Training3x Reboot3x System Crash

Rare Prize Cards

4x Orb of Excellence5x Orb of Healing5x Orb of Psi
4x Orb of Restoration3x Orb of Teleportation 

Promo Cards

1x Fairchild1x Grail1x Grifter
1x Savage Warblade  

Plus een enorme hoeveelheid common en uncommon cards (1000+).

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